Testimonials for Artwork

Thank you for your symbolic painting and for the thoughtfulness and goodwill that promoted your remembrance
Former U.S.A. President George Bush
White House, July 29, 1989
Your exquisitely rich and colourful painting of the four seasons so very imaginatively represented by four young dancing nymphs will find a loving home within our legislative precinct...
Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P., Legislative Assembly
Parliament Buidings,Toronto, Canada
A confident color palette combined with Romanesque architecture create a striking visual voyage for the eye.
Richard A. Kleen
The Windsor Star
An accomplished artist with her work in businesses, institutions and homes, Marie-Emily Sendrea pulls the reader into her intense, heartfelt story that weaves a compelling tale of agony, romance and redemption...
Karen Veryle Monck
President, Benchmark Publishing & Design
Looking at Emily's work, one gets a feeling of spiritual and social agony, self-inflicted by mankind. Her work is thought-providing well-executed surrealism.
Agnes Boerner
Gallery Collection, Canada
I found your surrealistic landscape to be evocative illustrations of human experiences-of suffering and joy.
Vincent Varga, Former Senior Curator
Windsor Art Gallery, Canada

Testimonials for Art-Education

We feel extremely fortunate to have a professional artist of such calibre in our area...
Rosa V. Cipparone
Ethnocultural Equity Contact, Catholic Education Centre
I appreciate being apprised of your contributions to Canadian culture and art and am pleased that the Department of Canadian Heritage was able to contribute to these achivements...
The Honorable Hedy Fry, P.C., M.P. Ottawa, Canada
It was a great pleasure for me to view the two art pieces produced by the project. The excellent work of the students and your artistic expertise are undoubtedly reflected in the wall mural and the loom sculpture. I also appreciate very much the interpretation you provided on the art pieces...
Mimi Lo, Program Officer
Canadian Heritage
The success of the project rests upon the artist Marie-Emily Sendrea. The students responded very positively to her presence in the classroom... Their success is attributed to the enthusiasm expressed by Marie-Emily Sendrea...
R. Belcastro, Art teacher
E.C.Board of Education
Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I look forward to presenting creative programs with you again in the future...
Christine Goodchild
Curator of Education, Windsor Art Gallery
I wish to express my sincere thanks for your attendance at and participation in the Learning Through the Arts... Thank you again, for your enthusiasm for the program...I am looking forward with great anticipation to working with you.
Marg Guillet
Co-ordinator, Learning Through the Arts
Ms. Sendrea is a very dedicated and integral artist. She cares about the state of the world and our responsabilities toward each other...
Ms. S. Kurtz, Head of Arts Department
E.C.Board of Education
Just a brief note to express my sincere thanks to you...for your very hard work and dedication to the fine production of "Roots" and "Antique Loom"...Thank you ever so much for your perseverence and patience through this two years process...
Al Linnell
Coordinator of Creative Arts

Art Projects
Artist-in-Residence and Learning Through the Art Program