The Price

"Stop my time, I want to get off."

Adopting a child means a continuous struggle and fear for some and a great accomplishment for others. The effort of Maria, the book’s heroine, and her desperate journey into the world’s most thorny crises prove to humankind the special power of a love that overcomes fear. With both time and circumstances against her, this dying old woman must find a loving home for her child, abandoned at birth by his mother. While portraying the content of this book, Benchmark Publishing & Design stated that The Price“ depicts a story that celebrates the human spirit” and that the book “weaves a compelling saga of agony, romance and redemption. Set in the ruins of Bucharest after the Second World War, Sendrea chronicles the struggles of a simple woman on a desperate journey that tries her faith in God in the aftermath of a world ravaged by war and poverty. Now in her 70s, she finds herself forced once again to reach into her heart for someone else.”


Understanding the Bible

This non-fiction book, written in the Romanian language, is a tool for use by those who would like to better understand the content of each verse of the Bible, from both the New and Old Testaments, chapter by chapter.

Înțelegerea Bibliei came to be thanks to a response obtained from a close friend. When asked if he read the Bible that he had received one year prior, he answered affirmatively but then quickly added that he understood absolutely nothing from its pages. His comment initiated the writing process of this book, which was, in fact, supposed to be a small pocket booklet that ended up becoming a 542-page book.

Witness to My Last Judgement

The incredible plot of a twenty-minute long work of poetry—composed and recited one day in Chicago by the most talented lay poet I have ever come across—tormented me for months. Shortly after, during a visit with a friend, a middle-aged woman insisted she had been to a place she called “there”, referring to the afterlife, and proceeded to tell me her well-hidden secret. As I spent more time with this woman, she murmured, “Nobody believes me, not even my family. But I’ve been there.” In this “there”, she had been the witness to her last judgement.

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